The Department of Defense has opened a criminal investigation into the Marine Corps as reports have come forward concerning a private Marine’s Facebook group sharing inappropriate pictures of female Marines. The group, called Marines United, has posted many pictures of fellow Marine females in varying levels of dress, with many accompanying disparaging comments alluding to sexual assault and rape. The Marine responsible for reporting the group has received numerous death threats and threats against his wife. This inquiry has become one more unwanted investigation into the culture in the Marines Corps and its treatment of women.


While all branches of US military have had difficulty integrating into its ranks, and especially its leadership, the Marine Corps have made the least advancements. Women make up only 7 percent of the Marines. They continue to have the highest rates of sexual assault among the different branches of military. While some effort has been made by leaders to reform this culture, there remain to be reports of hostility towards female members. Some argue that this rough mindset and dark humor is necessary for servicemen to survive. Others see that as an excuse for cowardly behavior. This investigation brings forward this mistreatment. It begs the question, what efforts are going to be made to reform the culture of the Marines to address the hostility?

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