Can something be “racist in the best possible taste”? I do not think so. I think all racism is bad taste and it is offensive to me to hear such a sensitive issue discussed as if it is not so. “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, a song originating from American slavery of African-Americans has become a song to rile the crowd up in European Rugby. It started when white people would sing it if a black player was performing well. To me this an incredibly racist and cruel gesture. Although it no longer means the same thing, it has those roots and I think it is wrong to sing it to rile the crowd up. It should be treated with more sensitivity.

I have these feelings because of my culture. People defend the slave spiritual turned anthem by saying the nature of the song has changed, but just because the culture around it has changed doesn’t mean it doesn’t awake sadness and darkness for those of a different one. How can we all be more careful of the sensitivities others possess because of their culture?

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Photo by – Tom Jamieson