wildersPhoto courtesy of The New York Times.

As elections approach, there seems to be an increasing fear among the Dutch about the power of American money in the country. After a $150,000 donation to a right-wing politician from an American source, there seems to be concern about the foreign meddling. The donation, from David Horowitz, was sent to support the campaign of Geert Wilders a far-right politician. It does not appear to be the money itself causing such discord, rather the idea behind it. According to one member of  Dutch Parliament, the money represents an outside influence for an inside job. The topic has also come into play as Americans have become wary of Russian influence on the last presidential election and are cautious of something similar happening among their own.

While the donation is within bounds set forth by Dutch law, it is questionable whether the I.R.S. view foreign political causes as reasonable opportunities for charity or support. However, the president of Horowitz’s foundation claims the money was “not [a] political donations” but as an aid for “legal cases”.  On a larger scale, the donation represents an increasing interest from Americans who support right-wing politics in Europe and feel a need to contribute to their growth, leading to the fear of a Russian election interference as the U.S. election results continue to play out. Horowitz is strong and outspoken in his opposition to the European Union and Wilder’s surprising strength in the polls could reflect a general distaste for the current government system.

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