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The largest ever leak of confidential CIA documents occurred yesterday. WikiLeaks, an organization notorious for their anti-secrecy efforts and federal document leaking, released “Vault 7,” which included almost 9,000 files and documents detailing many of the software tools and hacking techniques that make up the agency’s tech arsenal.

This particular leak should be especially concerning to the general American public, for we now have documentation of the tools used to break into computers, televisions, and smartphones. All messages regardless of encryption can now be read, targeted computers can be crashed, passwords can be stolen, and common computer tools for video calling, document creation, and antivirus programming can be used for spying.

Given incidents such as this, WikiLeaks could be considered a weapon of mass destruction and a serious threat to governmental legitimacy and secrecy. This most recent release of documents has already proven to be a serious blow to the Central Intelligence Agency, and many are calling it a coup of sorts.

This is certainly a wake up call of sorts to tech users and ordinary citizens everywhere. It is more important now than ever that we become informed on topics of tech privacy and safety. Read more here and here. Read all the leaked documents here.