The United States is currently trying to decide if they should/ if it is possible to continue intervention of the Islamic state in Syria. With intervention comes the risk of violent outbursts within Syria and surrounding countries. Turkey, a bordering neighbor, has reluctance towards supporting the United States in their intervention. However, to many people,  the potential of harm and growth ISIS could achieve outweighs the consequences.

Currently the US is waiting on  a presidential executive order to intervene in Syria. An officer said, “There’s not anything near an agreement or a plan…it’s up to the White House.” This topic is similar to the lecture we heard last week about international policies and the security of the United States citizens.

An option for intervention is to grow middle eastern ties with other countries, while ignoring Syria. This way the United States would have all the other countries supporting the next actions. This should decrease the cost of intervention and help other countries feel more comfortable with intervention.

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