Anti-Muslim attitudes are spreading through the country of Denmark. Danish nativism influences many citizens who are shaky about Muslim customs and stereotypes. For example, “Parliament has discussed banning prayer rooms in schools and universities. The right-wing and nationalist Danish People’s Party, now the second-largest party in Parliament, is calling for immigrants to celebrate Christmas to prove their Danishness. To reinforce Danish culture and custom, the town of Randers has asked cafeterias in public schools to serve pork.”

Last month, a Danish man was charged with blasphemy for burning a copy of the Muslim Quran. This sparked some heat between Danish citizens on issues such as bigotry, freedom of speech, immigrant policies, and Islamist terrorism. While much of the world takes on prejudices toward Muslim immigrants, there are many nations that welcome and celebrate their differences. How can countries like Denmark and The United States of America work to improve their judgements and respect for Islamic people?

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