Photo credit: New York Times

Armin Walser is a chemist helped invent a sedative for what he thought to be a good cause. It’s purpose was like most other sedatives: to make people’s lives easier. Instead, however, the drug has transformed into part of the concoction given to criminals sentenced to death. Known as midazolam, the drug is now used for many executions including the 8 that are planned for this next month in Arkensas. The contraversy lies not only in the complicated subject of whether executions should be legal, but also that the drug may elongate the process. Either way, Dr. Walser stated, “I didn’t make it for that purpose…I am not a friend of the death penalty or execution.” In the end, he decided to leave it up to the doctors to do what they want with the drug. Should he have a say as its creator, or is it out of his hands? And what should be done if the drug really is prolonging the suffering of those being executed?  Who should be making that call?

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