With the looming exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, independence movements in Scotland and Northern Ireland have been revived. Following a failed referendum in 2014, Scotland is now calling for yet another independence referendum amid the Brexit deal. The Scottish people have overwhelmingly voted liberal in the last few elections, only for their votes to be outcast by the more conservative people and ideals in England. They feel it is time they pursue independence to govern Scotland how they think it ought to be governed, without the oversight of the government of the United Kingdom. They see Brexit as their opportunity to make a move, and hope to hold the referendum before the United Kingdom officials leaves the EU. However, the UK says this could not come at a worse time, as they are amid negotiations on how the UK will leave the EU. They hope to stall the referendum until the UK officially leaves the EU, posing the Scottish with a situation where they may be out of the UK and out of the EU at the same time.

I think if the Scottish are even granted another referendum, this movement would reverberate throughout other regions of Europe as well. Northern Ireland is already petitioning to leave the UK and join Ireland and remain in the EU, and Catalonia in Spain held an independence referendum just a few years ago as well. Should the Scottish be granted their request before Brexit officially takes place, or should they be forced to wait until after the UK splits from he EU?