It has now been four days since South Korean President Park Geun Hye was impeached and removed from office due to a corruption scandal involving her confidante Choi Soon Sil. She is the first president since the founder, Syngman Rhee, to be removed under public pressure. Now, it is likely that officials will summon her for questioning regarding her scandal– something that has not happened since 2009. Summoning a former president for questioning is not easy, as they do not always come willingly and their supporters block police for hours. Such a standoff may happen in Park Geun Hye is summoned.

When presidential power is abused, what is the correct course of action to take? Here in the U.S, sometimes no action at all is taken, but in South Korea, when a leader is involved in corruption they can be more easily removed. Why is it not easier to impeach a president here? Should it be easier?