The world, and especially the European continent, is anxiously awaiting the upcoming Dutch elections. As populist, far-right movements continue to gain support, the elections occurring across the European continent this year are being closely watched. The far-right groups are gaining popularity as fears of immigrants and a changing national identity continue to rise. In the Netherlands, the far-right candidate, Geert Wilders, is unlikely to get more than 15-20% of the vote.Geert

What Wilders and other populist candidates have succeeded in doing is shifting politics generally to the right as other parties attempt to appeal to these far-right supporters. The only issues really being discussed in these elections are surrounding nationalism and immigration. While Wilders may not garner a lot of support, there is more concern with the French far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen. She has a solid group of support behind her. Across the continent there is shift towards the right and these elections are important predictors of the future of the European Union.

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