nytphilippinesPhoto via The New York Times.

Will less than a year as President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte is defending his bold tactic for cracking down on crime. After an increase in recent years of drug related crime and the disruption it has caused, Duterte is taking what some identify as extreme measures in an attempt to lessen the effects throughout the country.  However, Duterte’s call to merely shoot criminals as necessary has not been met without resistance. Groups such as the United Nations and Human Rights Watch have taken note and are not impressed insisting that there are other ways to end the prevalent crisis without the need to shoot people on mere speculation of their involvement. The hesitation results in part from the attempted justification of murders using falsified evidence to protect the government. While many who have been killed have in fact participated in the drug market, there is doubt concerning the deaths of some individuals whom outsiders claim were never involved in such activities.

Duterte remains positive as he maintains his position saying “Human rights, United Nation’s, that’s fine. If you have complaints, O.K. You want to file charges, fine. Look for evidence…But still, I will kill you.” Seeing as President Duterte has promised to pardon any acting on his orders it appears that the call to action will not be rescinded anytime soon.

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