A Jazz musician from Norway has discovered something that is exciting all types of scientists all over the world. Little, very tiny dust particles thinner than human hairs have been raining on the earth since the beginning-billions of years ago. These little particles come from deep space, they come from different planets, stars, and galaxies. This is huge for the science world because this gives us so much more research and evidence on places outside earth, and scientists can even see if there’s any human-like substances found beyond basic elements, which would prove life in other places.

Why have we just now discovered this space dust? First of all, although it can be found virtually anywhere, it is most abundant in uncivilized places, like the desert or on polar ice caps. Another reason this is a new discovery because before now, we didn’t know what we were looking for. This isn’t necessarily something that scientists could have predicted, although it is not a surprise. There are many different types of little particles just like this all over the Earth, so this is just a new little particle found that can open up a new realm of discovery.