After many years of investigation Michael Karkoc (98) have commanded the SS led self-defense legion, which carried out mass killings in 1944 in Poland. Citing files shown that under Karkoc’s command the Village of Chlaniow in Ukraine was razed as retribution for a killing of an SS major. The SS Self – Defense was found in collaboration of Michael Karkoc and Nazi officers in 1943 to fight against the Soviet Union. Even though, in 2015 German investigation ended saying that Karkoc was unfit to stand trial, the Polish investigation continued. Robert Janicki, an official with the Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes Against the Polish Nation, is requesting the extradition of Michael Karkoc, who lives in Minnesota since 1949. Janicki has found evidence of documents with Karkoc’s signatures about his participation in these atrocities. In defense Andriy Karkoc his son said that, his father innocent and he was a victim of German reprisals.