The military and government of Nigeria has declared that the area around Maiduguri–the Borno state and birthplace of Boko Haram–is “mostly safe” now. With this statement, they also said that it was time for the nearly two million displaced individuals to return home. While this appears to be a very optimistic outlook, there is no guarantee that those leaving this area will be any safer now than before. President Muhammadu Buhari has declared the war with Boko Haram to be over several times. But attacks from the terror group (declared by the Global Terrorism Index as the “world’s deadliest terror group” in 2015) have continued in the country, leading citizens to worry about the safety of themselves and their children. But Nigerian Army commander Maj. Gen. Leo Irabor stated that “Ferocious attacks are a thing of the past… we are only picking up the pieces.”