It is rumored that the new US Secretary of State Tillerson will issue a warning to the leaders of China regarding North Korea. The warn is as follows: the United States will put financial pressure on the Chinese and will increase our missile defenses if China does not attempt to stop the nuclear and missile programs of North Korea. The Trump administration is sending the message that not only is China in a better position to restrain North Korea but that the US is willing to take risks in foreign delegation in this time of emergency. The Pyongyang has declared that it is in the “final stages” of preparation for testing an intercontinental ballistic missile. Thus far, the Trump administration has rejected China’s policy compromises, where they requested a freeze in North Korea’s programs in return for a cessation of annual military exercises for both America and South Korea. Thus far, realistic proposals have not been reached by either side, and the recent notable advances of North Korea have remained in place.

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