FBI Director, James B Comey, announced that the FBI is conducting an investigation into the ties between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials. Intelligence agencies have previously confirmed that Russia’s president, Valdamir Putin, did intend to influence the 2016 elections by hurting the Clinton campaign. The question remains whether Trump’s campaign was involved with these Russian efforts to influence the election. Comey also denied any evidence that Trump had been wiretapped by his predecessor, as the President has repeatedly claimed. These announcements were mostly ignored or misrepresented by the White House.


It is not typical procedure for the FBI to publicly announce open investigations; such an announcement only occurs when the FBI feels it is in the public’s best interest to be aware. Comey was unwilling to disclose any findings nor the expected timeline of the investigation. He did promise, however, to pursue the case “no matter how long it takes.” Republicans are upset that the timeline is unsure, fearing that the investigation will be problematic to the Trump administration. Despite the investigation, the ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia remain unclear yet suspicious.

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