In the last decade, Solar energy has become a big business. Costs to buy and install Solar Panels has dropped immensely, making it a lucrative business that is also environmentally friendly. Countries like China have capitalized not he solar boom, and China accounts for about 70% of all solar panel production compared to about 1% in the United States. Experts say that by mid century they predict more than 15% of the worlds energy source will come from solar energy. In order to jump on the solar train, the Untied States needs to overhaul current policy towards solar energy. Although it is a heavily subsidized business as of now, it is still getting cheaper.

The Untied States has an incredible opportunity to revamp solar policy and take advantage of the quickly growing business. Not only is it growing in terms of production and installation, it is growing popularity among the American people. 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded in modern history, a clear sign that our emission output is greater than what our earth can handle. One of the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint is to switch from the traditional coal or natural gas burning energy source and look to the sun for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. While in theory this is a good plan, there is still much work on behalf of our government that needs to be done to make it more affordable and accessible to the general public, something I’m not sure the new administration has any interest in pursuing right now.

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