Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation continues with more tension than meets the eye. Republicans believe this nomination with have no problem drumming up the sixty votes necessary to pass, but Democrats have shown no sign of any support for the candidate because they feel he is too vague and too scripted. Because there are only 52 Republicans in the senate, they will need 8 votes from the Democrats for the nomination.

The hearing has so far been filled with playful banter–but the banter often alludes to larger problems underneath. Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona stated that one of his sons suggested he ask Gorsuch whether he would rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck. While the jokes are flying, Democrats are not amused. The Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York stated that “he has bent over backward to avoid revealing anything, anything at all, about his judicial policy, or the legal matters that concern the American people.” This will be an interesting hearing to follow as the two parties continue to separate opinions.