Two Years ago Charles Kushner started planning for his “big-break,” the construction of a multi-million dollar building in the center of Manhattan. However, his son Jared is Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, since the election this relationship has affected his dream and the construction of it. The largest investor for Kushner resides in China and is heavily involved in chinese politics, Kushner has fear that this investor will try and use Jared and himself to pass policies in favor of investor and his country. However, without the equity given by this investor, it will be nearly impossible to begin and finish construction.

Other investors are also questioning their support in conflict to Jared’s role in the White house. Mr. Kushner has promised there will be no influence or involvement between Jared, his roles, Donald Trump, and the White House. Nevertheless, investors are still weary and questioning their involvement and support with this project. A few investors have already stated to the press that they have no involvement in the Kushner Construction, thus leading to potential bankruptcy for Mr. Kushner. BN-SO081_MTHZHA_574RV_20170320144038.jpg

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