Nine months ago Virginia Raggi was elected as Rome’s first female mayor. Since the election, things haven’t gone quite as planned. She was elected on the platform of cleaning up the city government and making it more transparent, but now one of her close aides is in jail and another faces abuse charges. It’s been said she has private, unrecorded conversations, and many say that she is incapable of choosing honest aides and confidants.

Now, less than a year after her election, about 70% of Romans say they don’t approve of most of her decisions and critics say it’s her own fault for being too inexperienced. Despite the criticism, Raggi has said that she sees things moving forward and believes that the corruption in Rome can change. It will be interesting to see what happens during her term and if she will leave too sour of a taste among to Romans to elect another woman, or if she can surprise everyone and prove that a female mayor can handle big city government.


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