In coming days President Trump is set to reverse all of President Obama’s “stupid” climate change policies. He has already begun by proposing to cut funding for the Environmental Protection Agency 31 percent, which is more than any other agency. His actions will also be contrary to the promises the U.S. made under the Paris Accord. While all of these actions aren’t set in stone, President Trump may begin the process as early as this week. There are certainly mixed feelings about this decision while there are both democrats and republicans that are on board however the science community is less than thrilled and is looking on with “deep worry”.

If President Trump had some sort of plan to replace President Obama’s policies, this situation would seem less petty. Instead he seems to be doing this for the sake of undoing the work of President Obama. If he had a vision for the environmental actions of The United States that would be one thing, but this just seems childish.