A vote is scheduled for the Republican health care bill today, which needs 216 votes to pass. As of right now, House Speaker Paul Ryan is still scrambling to secure enough votes.

Out of the 216 votes needed to pass, only 145 Republicans openly support it. No Democrats will vote yes, so the pressure is on the remaining Republicans to push it over the passing threshold. As of right now, 46 Republicans are still undecided or unclear, 15 have concerns or will likely vote no, and 31 have said they will vote no.

Some more conservative Republicans will not vote yes on the GOP-backed bill, claiming that is “Obamacare Lite.” They wish the bill didn’t give subsidies to help Americans buy insurance and that it cut Medicaid funding right away.

Many Republicans are also uncomfortable that the Republican bill would leave 24 million more people uninsured by 2026. This group also wants to delay the bill’s cuts to Medicaid funding. Clearly, these groups are on two different sides.

Will House Republicans be able to pass this bill? If not, will they go back to square one and try to create a whole new plan?