Mr. Icahn is a advisor recently appointed for Trump. He, like many others, is very wealthy with his fortune being estimated to be around 16.6 billon dollars. Ever since President Trump put together his cabinet and advisors, there has been red flags everywhere. Mr. Icahn was appointed to be an adviser on regulatory matters, and has been using his influence to deal mostly with the EPA. This is concerning to many because of his involvement with the CVR Energy as he is a major investor in it. Mr. Icahn is particularly interested in trying to revamp the EPA rule that governs the way corn-based ethanol is mixed into gasoline nationwide and wants to decrease regulation in regards to it. The way that he and others have justified his role is that he is an unpaid advisor to Trump, not a cabinet member. With this justification, he is able to get out of excessive interviews to assess his advisor-ship.

With Trump’s presidency we have seen an increasing merging of private business interest with government affairs. Whether this will in the long run be beneficial is unclear but I think that we need to be careful. While Mr. Icahn can’t make the rules, he can certainly influence the people that do. It will be interesting to see if this will be beneficial or not for the EPA and Trump’s presidency.

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