In the American-led airstrikes on an ISIS-held neighborhood of Mosul this past month, scores of Iraqi residents are believed to be killed. Iraqi officials are predicting the total civilian death toll to be approximately 200 killed, with hundreds more displaced, missing, or wounded. If this turns out to be the case, this month will have carried one of the worst instances of civilian casualties from a US-led attack during the entire period of time that America has had a military presence in Iraq.

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Apparently, the pace at which the United States will fight the Islamic State has quickened, and Iraqi officers are saying that the American coalition is now quicker to strike urban targets from the air than before. According to these officers, the US is no longer giving as much weight to the risks their strikes will present to civilians and that this is a “reflection of a renewed push by the American military under the Trump administration to speed up the battle for Mosul.”

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