The United Nations has been entertaining discussions of banning nuclear weapons on a global scale. At the moment, most countries are not allowed to have nuclear weapons, and only a handful of countries have them (U.S., U.K., France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, DPRK and Israel unofficially). So I don’t think that it is a surprise that these discussions are happening, most of the world would be in supportive of banning nuclear weapons.

It is also not surprising that the U.S. is against such measures. Having nuclear weapons was a huge factor of moving the U.S. to a world superpower. Furthermore, the U.S. argues that banning nuclear weapons is impossible and we need to keep them in order to protect our country as well as our allies.

I think that completely boycotting talks is ineffective and uncooperative. Even though talks will likely never turn into action, it would be nice to see that the U.S. is willing to give up nuclear weapons if others do as well. However, completely banning nuclear weapons at this point is practically impossible. The technology already exists so it would be naive to believe that we can always prevent other countries and non-state actors from creating nuclear weapons. Furthermore, chemical weapons have been banned for many years, and that ban has been terribly ineffective so banning nuclear weapons likely would not be successful either.