Since 2016 Mosul has been a battle ground between the Iraqi government and the Islamic State. Recently the United States has been sending in more troops and aiding in airstrikes. There are an estimated 2,000 Islamic State fighters remaining in the city. Despite the advance of American troops and the Iraqi forces hundreds of civilians are getting caught in the cross fire. Having been prisoners in their own city for many months, many people are in need of food and water. Humanitarian groups have not been able to gets supplies to everyone in need of it. When aid does come it comes with a wave of desperate people and the distribution of it often descends into chaos. To make things worse ISIS is not picky with who their snipers shoot or who their car bombs blow up. People are fleeing the city in large numbers; trying to make their way to safety amongst the gunfire and airstrikes.

It’s devastating to see the collateral damage that comes with war.  Even if the Iraqi government and its allies can permanently secure Mosul it will be at the cost of hundreds of civilians and an entire city.