Contracts for the new NATO Drones are starting out at around $1.85 billion this year. These drones are expected to be on the market later this year and have a gamut of new capabilities. Many of the drones will be used in surveillance, however others will be sold to private parties with a contract to the specific uses allowed within the country they will be operated.

Not just is NATO working with these drones, but they are expected to announce an additional $3 Billion dollars of security and surveillance projects at the end of April. Italy will be one of the first areas to benefit and test these new drones. Five are going to be stationed there later this year as well. Although these drones are creating new pathways for air and satellite technology, they are also creating problems with data usage.

“‘The AGS drone is a huge collector of data, it is a vacuum cleaner of data,’ said a NATO official. ‘Bandwidth is a problem for NATO, for most of the nations.’ ”

NATO has yet to decide what they are going to do about this excessive data usage. In order for the drones to work at full capacity, they need to have full access. NATO and other companies in collaboration with the construction and testing of the drones are working on ways they can limit data usage in areas that don’t need everything, kind of like a  battery saving mode on your phone. Contracts and buying options for these drones will out later this year and in the beginning of 2018. So I would assume these problems will be fixed and troubleshooted by then.


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