As immigrants flood into Sweden, many people have been skeptical that the influx is causing an increase in crime, though statistics do not support this claim. Regardless, anti-immigrant sentiment has been increasing among Swedes. Whether immigrants are causing crime or not, Sweden is shouldering a large chunk of the burden of helping refugees. It is beginning to be a strain on the society. Still, some are hopeful that in the long run, the new wave of refugees will turn out to be a valuable asset to Sweden as were the Bosnians after they migrated decades ago.

It is easy to sit back from a distance and tell Sweden to “suck it up” so-to-speak and help the refugees. It is another thing to take action and help shoulder the burden. In the United States, resources such as the IRC and Catholic Community Services are doing much to help the refugees that have already come, but the United States needs to be doing a lot more. We need to open our country’s doors, be selfless, and take in more refugees.