Coal miners in the rust belt states are singing their praises to President Trump after signing an executive order today reversing the Obama administrations commitments on curbing carbon dioxide emissions to help curb climate change. in 2015 President Obama signed the Paris Agreement, effectively working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, and setting a precedent for other developed nations to follow. The agreement introduced legislation that would have closed many coal-fired power plants, halted the construction of new plants and replaced them with solar and wind farms.

What does this mean for the future of the Paris Agreement, and climate change as a whole? Well we don’t really know yet, and many are hoping the whole agreement doesn’t unravel. Other developed countries like China have signaled that they will continue with their plans to cut emissions with or without the support of the Untied States. However, what it may do is slow down the process and extend the timelines for emission cuts. Other experts have speculated that Trumps decision will embolden anti-climate change supporters in places like China and India to follow the example set by President Trump. I understand that Trump wants to get people who have lost their jobs back to work, but a much better alternative could have been investing in training some of those workers in sources of renewable energy, putting them back to work while continuing to fight climate change.


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