Many prisons in the United States struggle with violence within. This article focuses on one prison in particular in Alabama, St Clair. Inside St Clair the system is so broken that there are many cases of life threatening violence upon inmates, often ones who have a relatively violence free record. Often isolation cells, which are supposed to be a punishment, are seen as safe havens.  The prison is severely overcrowded, but even if they had the funds to build a new facility there is a shortage of correction officers, and so the prison is often unpatrolled. The article suggests that an outside influence from religious or political volunteers would maybe help with the problem. What do you think we can do to treat these prisoners more like humans? Do you think that will help with the problem? Should we lessen the penalties for non violent crimes to free up room in the prisons? Can we really expect inmates to return to life “corrected” if their time in prison is so violent?

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