Thousands of Peruvians have been forced to leave their homes by the worst flooding that hit Peru in decades. For many years, Peruvians have not seen major flood like this but this year it caught them again. There were two main flood that northern of Peru have faced, in 1987 and 1998. This year, with no alerts of any kind or any previous plan of prevention, the worst flood hit the northern part and the capital of Peru. With dozen death and thousands of people isolated, Peru is facing the worst days and weeks of this year rain season.

Lima the capital of Peru, where a third of Peruvians live, school classes have been suspended and running water restricted after treatment plants were clogged with debris from mudslides. The fight is harder yet not enough to overcome this phenomenon of nature. Many countries from around the world have send food and help to Peru, which was more than welcome these days. There is a big concern about the prevention that needs to be done especially in the northern part every year. Having experienced two major floods in the past and the government did not build strong infrastructure that would mitigate another flood. Seems like Peru has not learned their lesson of building cities where floods once passed through, and the government must plan and build better infrastructure to protect their citizens.