Photo credit: New York Times

Typically known for being a gateway drug, pot is viewed as a gateway out of more addicting drugs at a drug rehabilitation center in Los Angeles. Some argue that smoking marijuana is an effective treatment because it numbs the pain and is not particularly harmful in and of itself.  They argue that while people are dying, they might as well try anything that will calm them down and give them an appetite to at least give them a chance of getting better. Dr. Mark Willenbring who works with recovering addicts says that perhaps alternative treatments are a good idea, but that using pot to treat addiction is “absurd.”  He argued that it’s like “treating alcoholism with Valium.” What is morally correct in this situation? While, generally speaking, we should not endorse drug usage, it appears that weed is the only thing keeping these recovering drug addicts going. It’s a difficult situation considering how difficult the process is and how little we (those who have never been addicted to hard drugs) understand about how that might feel. Is it a good temporary fix, or is it better to do things the hard way?

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