A ginormous gold coin was stolen from a museum in Germany, and the situation the police and reporters have found themselves in is almost comical. The coin is worth almost $5 million, and all they can go off of is the fact that there was a window ajar, a ladder leading up to the window, and the BULLET PROOF glass that contained the coin “appeared to be violently shattered.” There are no leads on who stole it or how they did it, and judging on this article it almost seemed too easy for the thieves. The coin was 220 pounds, and the thieves got away with no evidence against them. This article raises many, many questions, such as: how did they get the window open in the first place? Why aren’t there security alarms? How did they manage to smash open bullet proof glass? How did they get the coin up the ladder, out the window, and run off with it with no evidence? Why wasn’t there a security guard on duty? Although this seems like a very serious affair, to me it seems like the museum was asking for the coin to be stolen.