It’s been a little over a week since North Korea and Malaysia began their stand-off and travel between the two countries. This deadlock was caused by the murder investigation, and death of the half brother of Kim Jong Un. The brother of the dictator of North Korea obviously held some importance and caused a significant rumble within the nation.

A hit team led by North Korean men is responsible for the death of Mr. Kim. The event happened while at the Kuala International Airport in Malaysia. They used a chemical agent that killed him within 20 minutes, and then escaped through the airport crowds.

Intelligence agencies from North and South Korea are looking for these men as is the Malaysian Government. Suspects were spotted on a flight to Beijing days ago. The ban of travel between the countries has been lifted now that the suspects are most likely spread throughout more countries than just Malaysia. The body of Mr. Kim has been returned to North Korea and the the two nations have returned to their normal policies and relations.

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