Apparently, in Latin America as decades ago, when governments where assaulted and taken for dictators has not been overcome yet. This past week many disturbs have occurred that shown how these countries are still struggling to maintain its democracy. Paraguay was one of them where the current president Cartes and his intent to re-elect for the next five years, when the constitution does not allow, has provoked a riot which ended with the parliament burned. Protesters set fire to the Congress building on Friday after the Senate voted to amend the Constitution to allow President Horacio Cartes to seek re-election. The constitution of 1992 allows the president to held office for only five years, this because of the past dictators that ruled for 35 years. Cartes was elected in 2013 for a term of five years, but his party held a strong grip during decades saw a way to re-elect its leader for another term. Because of these protests, there is one dead many injured and unstable country. There are much to learn in about the how to build a strong democracy and have transition between each term. Still much work to be done in each country and leaders needed with strong commitment to preserve the democracy.