This recent bit of history is a huge key into the future of space travel. Falcon 9 was used in the past as a cargo carrier for the ISS, and the booster of the rocket made a beautiful landing, which does not happen often. But since it did, after inspections they concluded that this booster is as good as new and could easily be used in another launch, and that is exactly what they did. This is extremely fundamental for the future, because reusing boosters could save millions of dollars, and not only that but maybe eventually reusing second stages too.

Although it may not seem like this is applicable to the future of the US, it very much is because if we are saving millions of dollars out of reusing rockets, that gives NASA more money, which is a huge drawback of theirs, for future missions and the future of space travel. Lately things like this in NASA have been happening that are just making the mission to Mars that much more viable and in sight.