Photo credit: New York Times

Ever met someone who always sees the class half empty? Half full? Scientists have been looking into the general negativity and positivity in people and are finding that the brain truly is “plastic,” meaning that it can be trained to think a certain way. Surprisingly, the training to improve our positivity and overall health isn’t focused on thought processes, but compassion and kindness meditation. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina concluded that fostering positive emotions comes from doing good things for other people, appreciating the world around you, developing and bolstering relationships, establishing realistic goals, learning new things, choosing to accept yourself despite your flaws, practicing resilience, and practicing mindfulness. Maybe I was just lucky to be born into a situation with a solid moral system in my home and at church and also good education, but I feel like everyone knows they should do those things, but different personalities and senses of humor make it difficult to change our entire perspective. And I don’t believe that this applies to people with mental illness either. But, for the rest of us, are we learning and applying these principles as we should, or is the world becoming a more negative place? What should we do about it?

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