Following the catastrophic events that unfolded in Syria a few days ago, the United Nations is convening in an emergency meeting to form a response to extreme human rights violations occurring in Syria. A massive chemical weapons attack was carried out on a rebel held city, killing more than 100 people including many women and children. This is not the first time chemical weapons have been used on a civilian population in Syria, but the international community hopes it will be the last. France’s ambassador to the UN was quoted saying “The time has come to act collectively with all necessary firmness.”

This attack provides the United States and other world leaders with an opportunity to create a multilateral coalition committed to ending the violation against human rights that have been taking place for years in Syria. The Obama administration once said that the use of chemical weapons would be a red line, inciting intervention, yet found full intervention unwarranted when chemical weapons were actually used. In this case, the Trump administration has condemned the attack, but has not offered any rebuttal in response. It is my hope that the hard line America first stance does not dissuade our President from complying with the treaties the US has signed calling for intervention in the case of human rights violations.


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