As Washington continues to work on the national budget, advocates for public broadcasting are standing up to save PBS. President Trump has suggested cutting federal funds for public broadcasting in an effort to increase military spending. Even for those who support military forces improvements, this cut would not be a smart move. PBS has a wide-spread audience across the country. Its commercial-free program is viewed by many preschool age children, many of whom are unable to attend an actual preschool program. It is especially beneficial to the most vulnerable children in our population—those that are unable to attend preschool, in poverty or living with busy working parents. The programming available on PBS is education and helps to prepare children for school.

The cognitive and emotional skills that PBS aims to build are beneficial to our nation, and come at such a minimal cost to tax-payers. The federal funding dedicated to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting supports over a thousand television and radio stations. It is a trusted institution among American citizens has brought us together as a nation. It helps to bring forward a smarter generation of children that are better prepared to influence the future of our nation. If we value the future of America, we will save PBS.

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