Neil Gorsuch, the nominee to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court, is awaiting the ruling of the Senate on whether he will be confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice. Democrats have enough votes to filibuster and prevent his confirmation. However, Republicans have countered by threatening cloture, an act that would remove the ability of a party to filibuster a president-nominated position. This seems to be moving quickly in a downward spiral towards an end where nothing good exists. Democrats have found little of substance against Gorsuch and are opposing him “on principle.” Republicans, in turn, are willing to change laws and manipulate the system in order to push forward their agenda.

I don’t see a positive ending to this predicament. In all likelihood, Republicans will change the laws and allow themselves the ability to confirm Gorsuch. However, it will only widen the partisan divide that is already growing in the government. It doesn’t seem right that one party opposes a generally good man only because they want to make a point. Also, it doesn’t seem right that the other party can simply change the rules of the game to push their wants. However, I guess that is the state of the government right now.

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