syriaPhoto courtesy of CNN.

Among approximately the 250 wounded, bodies of the 50 dead including 10 children, lay lined up covered with blankets. In what is being described as one of the worst chemical attacks in years, it appears that responsibility for the attacks in Syria has yet to be determined. While the Syrian government has been quick to deny any involvement, political leaders world wide have not been quiet on the matter. U.S. President Trump has spoken out calling the act “reprehensible” and stating that it could be the result of Obama’s failure to establish the ‘red line’ he mentioned in 2012. Officials from Britain, Turkey, and France have all criticized the actions that have taken place and the United Nations is set to discuss the issue Wednesday. Russia has been linked to assisting Assad but as of yet no clear claims have been uncovered to confirm the accusation.

Unlike the chlorine gas attacks that frequent the northern regions in Syria typified by injuries to those in a small, confined space, these attacks have targeted hundreds of people causing paralysis, suffocation, and fluid-filled lungs. While chemical attacks are not new to Syria, this one rises as the most harmful and deadly in the last 4 years.

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