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We all remember how hard we worked to gain admission to BYU. We immersed ourselves in studying, service, extra-curricular clubs, and selectively sought out impressive people to write letters of recommendation. How much of these documents and titles convey our holistic personality though? Rebecca Sabsky writes as the undergraduate admissions coordinator at Dartmouth College about what stands out in the sea of impressive college applicants. It seems that one applicant’s letter of recommendation written by an appreciative custodian granted valuable insight. The custodian’s perspective shed light on this student’s respectful and compassionate nature as he wrote, “[the student] had a refreshing respect for every person at the school, regardless of position, popularity or clout.”

Our world has become so focused on data-based results, that how we treat one another tends to get overlooked. I agree with Sabsky’s perspective that, “Colleges should foster the growth of individuals who show promise not just in leadership and academics, but also in generosity of spirit.”