Politicians throughout the nation have been fighting to raise the minimum wage in hopes to someday provide a living wage to all citizens. Cities on the east and west coast have been applying these laws and raising these wages for the past three years. However, recently, politicians have changed course. Politicians are trying to change their priorities without citizens knowing, much like trying to change a conversation without the other person recognizing the change. Living wage is simply too difficult to provide to an entire city. Trying to raise the minimum wage in some areas has done more harm to the economy than helped it. The Baltimore Mayor, Catherine Pugh, said, “I want people to earn better wages…but I also want my city to survive.”

Many politicians are feeling the same way as Catherine Pugh. WSJ found that, “raising the minimum wage discourages hiring and encourages employers to invest in automation or move jobs to lower-wage states or countries.”

Another company found that raising minimum wage to $15/hour would cost them $300,000 a year which was the equivalent of their annual profit. Thus requiring employee lay-offs in order to stay in business.

Because of these harms politicians are pulling back on living wage and prioritizing other problems in their areas. However, ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. There must be another solution to provide for those in the lower class who are struggling to provide for themselves and their families. What are the other options for these people who are now being pushed aside by the politicians and law makers?