Photo credit: New York Times 

In New Mexico, “lunch-shaming” has been outlawed. What is lunch-shaming? It’s punishment or discrimination against children who cannot afford to pay lunch bills. Children have received “I need lunch money” stamps, been forced to do chores to earn their lunch, and had their hot lunch thrown away in front of them and given some cheaper alternative. Cafeteria workers have quit their jobs, secretly paid for the children’s lunches, and performed other acts of heroism in this very unjust situation. Of course, logistically, there must be a solution. New Mexico has lead the way by outlawing the shaming of children whose parents are behind on school lunch payments. Anti-hunger activits have long  supported such ideas. Right now, schools are trying to balance their budgets and some argue that giving those unable to pay for lunch cold meals is a “necessary but effective evil.” What more can be done about it?

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