The U.S. strike against Syria earlier this week was in direct retaliation to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons against its own people at the beginning of the week. This is not the first time Syria has violated international law (established in the Chemical Weapons Convention) to commit war crimes against its own people and until now, no foreign power has directly stood up to President Bashar al Assad.

But what do the Syrian people think? This article covers this question from a few different viewpoints. First, the fact that an international power has stood up to the brutal dictator is a step in the right direction. But while this is said to be a one time intervention not representing any significant change in our policy about Syria, the Syrian people are still involved in a civil war and their suffering is far from over. Furthermore, if we want to stop the suffering of the Syrian people, are we now planning on allowing additional Syrian refugees? What does the fact that this was a one time statement mean for both the Syrian people and the international response to the crisis in Syria?