The suspect in last week’s Stockholm attack has now been identified, but the attack still weighs heavily in the minds of Swedes. The attack raises questions about the security of Sweden, and some Swedes expect that the attack will be used by Trump as evidence that Sweden needs to tighten its borders. Sweden has long been known as a home for those fleeing to safety, but now many are raising questions about Sweden’s safety. Police are attempting to figure out how the suspect of the attack was able to successfully stay in hiding after his asylum was rejected last year. There are thousands of other such Central Asian immigrants in hiding in Stockholm that the police are unable to keep track of.

I echo the opinion of Magnus Ranstorp, the head of terrorism research at the Swedish Defense University, in this article. “There’s no denying [Sweden has] issues and problems, but it needs to be put in proportion.” We cannot let the fear of more horrible events completely prevent us from reaching out to help those fleeing to safety.