One of the events that involve all nations and states in the world every four year is the World Cup. The next hosting country will be Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022. The election for the 2026 World Cup in on and this time the US along with Mexico and Canada are bidding to co-host it. The plan is also supported for President Trump. The negotiation of division of the matches was the toughest one said Sunil Gulati, the US soccer president. The next World Cup will include many other countries which leads to more matches from 32 to 48. The US as senior partner will host 60 of the 80 games and Mexico and Canada 10 games each. This week, the United States, Mexico and Canada will present to FIFA, world soccer’s governing body. Gulati said that, “A World Cup in North America, with 60 games in the United States, would be, by far, the most successful World Cup in the history of FIFA, in terms of economics.” This new version of World Cup 2026 would include more cities, more teams, more players and, and more profits which will benefit enormously the economy of these countries.