Located in the heart of Brigham Young University’s campus, the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies is a dynamic, global resource offering a broad spectrum of study and service opportunities. Prospective students, current students, alumni, international friends, and visitors will find a wealth of resources to develop a global perspective, cultural competence, and international opportunities.

Our objective is to mold  students who will serve the people and nations of the world tomorrow—a commitment that extends beyond classroom theory to incorporate academic training withpre-professional in an international setting.

Kennedy Center graduates–including those who have participated in one of our international study program, joined a student organization or attended our events–are developing a global reputation for their academic excellence, international experience, and moral character.

The Kennedy Center’s international and area studies offers six major and five minor degree programs. Our Provo campus attracts extraordinary diplomats, scholars, and influencial individuals from business, politics, finance, public service, and education We also regular offer conferences and seminars to stimulate intellectual debate and to prepare students for new global career opportunities.

This blog represents a forum where students can post insights gleaned from their close reading of serious global news sources, such as the New York Times, the Economist, Foreign Affairs, and others.

Join the conversation.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Fay Donnell said:

    I am interested in a picture that I googled, which led me to your website. I am interested in a picture in an article written by bronwendromey on 11/13/13 about homeless veterans. I’m currently on a PR committee for housing the homeless vets and was wondering if I could use this picture. If chosen, it would be posted on two public trains running into Boston to get landlords to rent to homeless veterans.

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